There is tremendous potential for increasing agricultural productivity and economic growth in India through better managed irrigation. Participatory Irrigation Management (PIM) has been identified as a key vehicle for this by the Government of India since the 1987 National Water Policy.
PIM is defined as the involvement of irrigation users in all aspects and all levels of irrigation management, in particular through establishment of Water Users Associations (WUAs). PIM is an important approach for raising the productivity and sustainability of irrigation and empower farmers. It helps address common issues with publicly-managed irrigation schemes, in particular poor upkeep of physical system, underutilization of irrigated area developed, high fiscal cost, low water productivity, and poor irrigation service.
Presently, 15 Indian States have formulated legislation to support PIM and to enable the formation of WUAs. The remaining states are also in the process of formulating PIM Acts or amending existing legal provisions to pave way for formation of WUAs in their states. Around 57,000 WUAs covering an area of 13.5 million hectares across 24 states of India have been formed and are functioning with various degrees of success and impediments. The process of formation of WUAs as a vehicle for better irrigation water management is gradually gaining momentum in the country.
The WUA-India.org website is a resource center for enhancing the capabilities and effectiveness of WUAs in India through:
Performance monitoring, on the basis of a simple and user-friendly benchmarking process that helps WUAs assess their performance and identify key areas for improvement.
Resource sharing. The website links to legislation, guidelines, research reports and provides training material to stakeholders, particularly WUAs and Irrigation / CAD officials.
The objective of website WUA-India.org is
To start a simple and user-friendly benchmarking process so that WUAs across the state and inter-state may learn and emulate best practices
To provide an open networking platform to WUAs, WALMIs, Irrigation and CAD Departments, Social and Agricultural Research and Training Institutions and other stakeholders for learning from each other and making possible pooling of knowledge and resources
Providing appropriate awareness / training material and other useful information to the stakeholders, particularly WUAs and Irrigation / CAD officials.

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